Together in Education


Every August be sure to Re-Link your Harris Teeter card to “Butler Band Boosters #4960.”

Click on the logo above to link your card on-line.  It is that easy!

A great way to help out the Band Boosters ~

 Walk the neighborhood (with an adult in tow and their permission) and collect Harris Teeter card numbers to link to the band’s account.
Take the form to work and collect co-workers card numbers.
Head to Grandma’s retirement community and ask Grandma to walk with you through her neighborhood.
Ask at your dentist’s office, doctor’s office, shoe store.
The Band Boosters will receive a percentage of each qualifying purchase a person makes.  If a person links to more than one account the percentage is divided.
Print this form (TIE Mass Link page)  and then when you have numbers, turn it into the grey box in the band room and we will do the rest for you!