Fruit Sale

The Butler Band program’s fruit sale is a long-standing annual tradition.  The fruit sale is a fundraiser that benefits the entire band program at Butler.  Proceeds help the band program in many ways throughout the year, for example, providing funds for music, guest instructors, instrument repair, transportation and more.

The 2017-2018 sale will begin the week of October 8th and run until November 8th.  Fruit can be purchased from any band student or from our custom website, linked below.  Orders will be available in early December and will be delivered by the students.  Navel oranges and grapefruit can also be shipped directly to the customer when ordered via the website.  

Link to Fruit Sale Website

Instructions for Students – this document was given to all students along with the sale brochure and collection envelope.  Please read for detailed instructions and deadlines.

Below are links to the sale brochure and money collection envelope.  The order form (where customers write what they want to buy) is called “Brochure Back” below.  Feel free to print more if you need extras.  Extra sale brochures and collection envelopes can be obtained from Mr. Dowell.

Brochure Front

Brochure Inside Left

Brochure Inside Right

Brochure Back – This is the order form page.  Print this page if you need extra order forms.

Envelope Front

Envelope Back